Jason Woodbury announces 2014 run for Carson City District Attorney against Corrupt Assistant DA Mark Krueger

Jason Woodbury announces 2014 run for Carson City District Attorney against Corrupt Assistant DA Mark Krueger

Former Deputy DA Jason Woodbury says he’s running for Carson City District Attorney against corrupt assistant DA Mark Krueger.

Mark Kruger is currently employed by the corrupt Carson City DA Neil Rombardo:


Krueger is one of 10 Plaintiffs in a complaint filed in July against the Lyon County Commission, County Manager and Comptroller.  The complaint contests a recent decision by the County to freeze a 2.5-percent merit pay hike for certain non-union employees.  (See related stories on NewsDesk below).  The complaint was filed through Krueger’s private Carson City practice.


Former Deputy DA Jason Woodbury says he’s running for Carson City District Attorney against corrupt assistant DA Mark Krueger.

“Being elected District Attorney of Carson City would fulfill a dream I have had since I first set foot in a courtroom,” said Woodbury, 41, in a news release. “This is my first run for office, and no one is going to mistake me for a smooth politician. My only campaign strategy is to give this community an honest, straightforward look at who I am and what I stand for. I hope once they see my experience and our common values, Carson City voters will be convinced I am the right choice for District Attorney.”

Carson City District Attorney Neil A. Rombardo said in September that he was not going to to run for re-election.

Woodbury has spent his entire legal career practicing in Carson City, beginning in 1998 when he was hired as law clerk for Judge Michael Griffin. He joined the Carson City District Attorney’s Office as a Deputy District Attorney from 1999 to 2003 before entering private practice.

Woodbury is a partner in the law firm Kaempfer Crowell, where he works primarily in civil litigation and criminal defense.

“My experience as a prosecutor is important — voters need to know they have a D.A. with the skill to enforce justice on behalf of the community. But that skill must be guided by seasoned judgment — the ability to recognize what justice is in a particular case and the background to calculate the most efficient and effective way to achieve that just result. During 10 plus years of private practice, I have represented businesses — from one person shops to the largest industries in Nevada. And I have represented individuals, including some charged with a criminal offense. My broad legal background would be a positive foundation for the Carson City District Attorney’s office,” Woodbury said in his news release.

Woodbury is a graduate of the University of Nevada in Reno, and completed law school at the University of Utah. He and his wife, Stacy, live in Carson City where they are raising three children.

“I am honored to have the support of many wonderful people who call Carson City home. I hope voters grant me an opportunity to serve this community which has been so good to me and my family,” Woodbury said.

The public is invited to a meet and greet Tuesday, Jan. 28, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Glen Eagles Restaurant.

For more information about Woodbury and his campaign, visit www.jasonwoodbury.com.

Carson City Republican Central Committee Candidate Forum February 27, 2014, Part 1


Carson City District Attorney:

Mark Krueger & Jasson Woodbury (9:00)

State Treasurer: Dan Schwartz (28:25)

State Attorney General Adam Laxalt (19:00)
Carson City Sheriff: Kenny Furlong (43:30), Don Gibson (50:30) & Daniel Gonzales (54:00)

Corrupt Carson City District Attorney Mark “Freddie” Krueger tries 2014 run to replace his disgraced corrupt boss DA Neil Rombardo

Carson City District Attorney Mark Krueger

NOTE: Krueger is one of 10 Plaintiffs in a complaint filed in July against the Lyon County Commission, County Manager and Comptroller.  The complaint contests a recent decision by the County to freeze a 2.5-percent merit pay hike for certain non-union employees.  (See related stories on NewsDesk below).  The complaint was filed through Krueger’s private Carson City practice.

CARSON CITY, Nev. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) – Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger announced his candidacy for Carson City District Attorney on Saturday.

As Assistant DA, Krueger has been second-in-command at the Carson City District Attorney’s Office since 2012, and leads a team of 22 professional and support staff.

“I have extensive experience working with city government and the criminal justice system,” he said. “Carson City needs an experienced prosecutor, civil litigator and team leader to fill the important role of District Attorney and I bring that to the table.”

Krueger previously served as Assistant District Attorney in Lyon County. In his 15-year career, Krueger has conducted over 35 criminal jury trials and has handled complex civil litigation. He has argued before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Nevada Supreme Court, and federal and state district courts throughout the state.

Krueger has also worked as a Senior Deputy Attorney General for the Attorney General’s Office; and a law clerk to the former judges Michael E. Fondi, William A. Maddox, and former Supreme Court Justice William A. Maupin.



4me2knw – 2/2/2014 12:09 PM
0 Votes
15 years as assistant DA? He’s a career politician. Vote him out, we need fresh blood, not these already corrupted career criminals, oops I mean politicians. The whole country needs to do this from the city governments on up to Washington DC!

nubgnngs42 – 2/2/2014 8:19 AM
1 Vote
How about prosecute instead of “let’s make a deal”? Start by getting rid of the useless “Judge” Tatro who helps the criminal and screws the victim. Living in Carson City I have seen this many times. Tell us what we want to hear then do something completely different. Quit making the victim suffer by not making the criminal pay out the wazoo for once!

Mark Krueger Carson City district attorney scandal

County moves to dismiss Merit Pay Complaint

by Nancy Dallas on September 21, 2012

Lyon County officials on September 18, 2012 filed a motion with the Third Judicial District Court of Nevada to dismiss the complaint filed against them by the District Attorney, Assistant District Attorney, Sheriff and other plaintiffs; or, alternatively, to remove the District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney as Plaintiffs and the Assistant DA as Attorney. 
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Commissioners deny merit pay claim

by Nancy Dallas on September 10, 2012

Lyon County Commissioners last week officially denied a claim filed against the County asking for a 2.5 percent merit pay increase for certain non-Association employees in fiscal year 2013. 
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Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger apparently will be leaving his Lyon County position effective September 21, 2012.   According to an August 22 email from District Attorney Robert Auer directed to County Manager Jeff Page and other County employees, Kureger has been hired as an Assistant District Attorney for Carson City.

NewsDesk has submitted an email to the Carson City District Attorney for confirmation of that hire.  The following is the content of the Auer email: 
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by admin on August 20, 2012

Regardless of what results come of the suit filed by District Attorney Robert Auer, Assistant District Attorney Mark Krueger, Sheriff Allen Veil and associated parties, in light of Lyon County’s financial woes all those linked to the filing of this complaint look like whiney, vindictive vultures.

They are certainly not in tune or in spirit with the cooperative attitude demonstrated by the vast majority of County employees – Association and non-Association members.

As noted in a previous commentary, the County Commissioners, with the support of County Manager Jeff Page and County Comptroller Josh Foli, set aside funding in the 2012-13 budget to cover potential costs upon settlement of the Employees Association and Sheriff’s Employees Association contract negotiations.  Negotiations had not been finalized prior to the required submittal of the budget and the beginning of the 2012-13 fiscal year.

In the final agreements the Employee’s Association decided to forego the 2.5 percent merit increase.  The Sheriff’s Employees Association pushed for and received the 2.5 percent merit increase.  Certain non-Association employees (supervisory personnel) feel they should receive the benefits gained by the Sheriff’s Employees Association.

First, as noted in a previous commentary, for 30 years – since the inception of employee associations in Lyon County – non-association personnel have been granted the same benefits/lack of benefits that the Employees Association contract granted.  If the non-association members who now feel they should instead be receiving the same benefits/or lack of benefits as the Sheriff’s Association employees, one must ask:


This whole scenario sounds like, looks like, feels like – a gang of poor losers.   Their team did not win under the standing rules, so they now want to change the rules and the score to their benefit!

According to County Manager Page, the commission’s decision to freeze the merit pay increase for those non-union (supervisory) personnel listed as Plaintiff’s saves the County an additional $80,100; however, in order to defend the County’s position a good portion of this money may now be needed for legal assistance instead of being used to meet some of the County’s many pressing needs.  And, if the commission decision is overturned by the court, $80,100 will have to be taken from other budget needs in order to pay the 2.5 percent merit increase to those employees claiming they deserve it. Costs of the County defending itself are not covered under its liability insurance.

The Board of Commissioners on Thursday (August 16) authorized County Manager Page to hire an attorney.  The County has hired Madelyn Shipman of Laxalt – Nomura. Her contract rates are $200.00/hour for her; $175.00/hour for an assistant attorney (if needed); and, $100.00/hour for a paralegal (if needed).

In light of DA Robert Auer’s threat to take the issue to court if the 2.5 percent increase for certain employees was not approved, some may suggest the commission (3 of the 5 members, anyway) should have simply conceded to the demands and threats of the DA and Sheriff, given the employees the 2.5 –percent increase and saved the county the potential costs of defending itself and, potentially, losing in a court battle.

I do not agree with this “easy way out”.  There are times when the commission must stand their ground, follow good conscience and take the principled path.  Three members of the Lyon County Commission voted to take that path.

According to the website www.transparentnevada.com,  two of the highest paid employees in Lyon County are Plaintiffs District Attorney Robert Auer and Sheriff Allen Veil; however, their salaries, along with other elected County officials, are established according to State Legislative guidelines and are not affected by the commissioners’ ruling.

  • Robert Auer:   Base Pay – $124,642    Total Pay & Benefits – $162,518
  • Allen Veil:        Base Pay – $103,351    Total Pay & Benefits – $157,196

According to County records, the salaries of the other County employee Plaintiffs in the complaint filed against the County are:

  • Chief Deputy SO Joseph Sanford   Base Pay – $103,120          Total Pay & Benefits – $157,060
  • Chief Deputy DA Mark Krueger     Base Pay – $111,517          Total Pay & Benefits – $148,708
  • Captain SO Pat Soukup                    Base Pay – $89,509            Total Pay & Benefits – $137,841
  • Captain SO Albert Torres                Base Pay – $83,565            Total Pay & Benefits – $131,046
  • Asst. DA Damian Sinnott                 Base  Pay – $73,092             Total Pay & Benefits – $92,256
  • Vicki Foster (Dayton JC)                  Base Pay – $36,795            Total Pay & Benefits – $54,297
  • Misty Edelfson (Dayton JC)              Base Pay – $40,289              Total Pay & Benefits – $53,982
  • Sarah Miller (Walker JC)                Base Pay – $34,715            Total Pay & Benefits – $47,592

The responsibility for this fiasco lies entirely on the shoulders of the two elected department heads – District Attorney Robert Auer and Sheriff Allen Veil.  They both should be very aware of the County’s 30-year policy in regards to non-union/supervisory personnel and Association contracts.  It is their responsibility to inform their employees of that policy – not be the instigators of this formal Complaint.

Again, the vast majority of Lyon County employees, supervisory personnel and department heads should be loudly commended.  They have shown an exemplary sense of team play and sacrifice during these very difficult financial times.  Many have much to complain about in regards to their lack of pay increases, loss of staffing, over-burdening of duties, et al; however, in spite of these hardships and related stresses, they have done their best to be team players – in the best interests of their fellow employees and Lyon County residents.

Think about it.

Nancy Dallas, Editor/Publisher
NewsDesk (Est. January 2003)

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