Greetings Ms. Sweet: I strongly oppose both Neil Rombardo and Mark Krueger for Eighth Judicial District Court Judge based on the following:

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

NACE President Steve Tuttle presents the Star Award to State Court Administrator Robin Sweet in Carson City. Photo Courtesy of David Gordon, Judicial Education, Supreme Court AOC.

douglas county district court judge Douglas county district court

A total of 13 lawyers have applied for the Ninth Judicial District seat vacated by Michael Gibbons.

Gibbons left the post after being named to the newly-created Intermediate Appellate Court.

The list of applicants includes several well known lawyers from the Carson-Douglas area including former SCANDALOUS Carson District Attorney Neil Rombardo and his CORRUPT Assistant DA Mark Krueger.

bad judgeAlso on the list is former director of the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline, Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, former head of the state Ethics Commission.

The appointment is open to all Nevada lawyers with at least two years residency in the state and 10 years of legal experience.

The others who applied are Deputy AG Andrea Barraclough, Evan Beavers of the state Business…

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